Fresh cream cheese

Code of product: 10081
Selling unit:

Fresh, smooth cream cheese with an unmistakable flavour.

Cheese spread with toscanello onion dip

Code of product: 10093
Selling unit:

A spread made from fresh cheese, served with a dip from crushed toscanello onions. A great filling for baguettes.

Cream cheese spread with garlic, herbs and feta cheese

Code of product: 10043
Selling unit:

Greek feta cheese adds a twist to a Czech classic. A smooth spread with garlic, herbs and cheese.

Pimento and passion fruit spread

Code of product: 10027
Selling unit:

South Africa meets Brazil. Those who love to experiment will love this combination of sweet cherries, slightly spicy peppers, passion fruit and fresh cheese.

Cream cheese, honey and passion fruit spread

Code of product: 10028
Selling unit:

A smooth spread made with cream cheese and the flavour of passion fruit and honey. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth – and for baking and desserts, too.

Cream cheese, honey and mustard spread

Code of product: 10030
Selling unit:

A classic spread made with fresh cheese, honey and mustard. A simple but flavoursome combination.

Cream cheese and pimento spread

Code of product: 10032
Selling unit:

Our most popular and widely sold spread. The pimentos come from South Africa and are stuffed with fresh cheese. A must for every celebration.

Spicy cheese and chilli pepper spread

Code of product: 10034
Selling unit:

Red chilli peppers add vivid orange and red hues and a spicy kick to this smooth cream cheese spread.

Cheese, honey and nut spread

Code of product: 10040
Selling unit:

The light flavour of nuts and honey. Rich, smooth cream cheese, which is great not just for desserts but makes for a tasty treat for a snack, too.